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This is the top secret
"under the radar" site for Robert Gibson.
Which Robert Gibson?

Seven time Simple Writing System Instructor
for copywriting legend John Carlton.



"Robert has a gift of explaining things so they are easily understood.

He’s a longtime veteran of the SWS faculty. He also has been instrumental in helping us refine the program over the years -- we've relied on him for insight, fresh perspectives, and harsh examinations from "inside" the process.

He's part of the reason this program works as smoothly as it does.

Robert is one of a handful of copywriters I consider worthy of trusting with major projects. His broad knowledge of advertising secrets is matched with a high-end skill set and the kind of professionalism required to create great marketing.

Robert has even written marketing materials FOR the SWS over the years. That's how trusted and valued he is around here.

 Always among the most popular teachers, Robert long ago perfected his coaching methods. Listen to him, follow his direction, and enjoy the process."

- John Carlton


If you were a student in one of my classes, I'd love to hear how you're doing.

Whatever your reason for this visit, you're always welcome here.

I spend most of my time in the corporate world:

  • direct mail,

  • online sites and ads,

  • radio,

  • TV,

  • public relations,

  • sales scripts,

  • magazine articles and lots more.

 I also teach and mentor a small group of people.

I stay pretty busy. That's the small stuff.

Let's get to the important part - you. You're the reason I made this.

If you click around the site, you'll see some older blog posts, some newer audios and even a few videos.

Anyone casually looking at the website will think it's been a while since I've updated anything. But my most up to date stuff in 2019 lives in email. 

Sometimes I'll share articles I've found and end the email with really great music. Other times I'll do some intense teachings on the bigger challenges in marketing. Like the ones that could be wrecking your life.

Success doesn't mean much if you're miserable and alone. I track changes in marketing tech like a hawk. From predictive analytics to algorithm changes that send people scrambling, hoping their sand castles survive the coming waves. I'm not a fan of basing my greatest joys on the whims of another company. And I don't mean the "be your own boss" stuff.

I know lots of great people trying to turn themselves into human templates and cover up the parts that don't fit. I teach in the reverse direction. The parts that don't fit could be the best and truest parts of who you are. If you're going to compete, you better have your best stuff in your front pocket and not hidden away - packed and forgotten in a box with no label.

I've taught some people for years and I'm not tapping my watch when I do.  I give people the gift of my time and attention. We share that same generosity as people.


Music Break:

The people I teach have many true loves in their life. One of mine is music.

Sample songs I’ve shared here…

 If you'd like to be on the list, there's a message box below
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One thing you should know before you sign up: I want my emails to be something you enjoy getting (even when they're really intense and leave you wobbly) and actually helps you.

Let's talk about all those emails you subscribe to and never read.
You know those emails where people ask "Is it me?" and then they try to get you to stay on their list or unsubscribe? I don't send those. :)

I might re-send an email that wasn't opened.
Sometimes I run a count of who's not opening emails
and just take them off the list.

They can always sign back up when
they're ready to make time to read them.
I don't take it personally. :)

That's how I stay under the radar
with people who hopefully really like what I send.

How will you know if you'll like what I send? I suggest listening to my interviews with Kevin Rogers on the audio page. If you like both interviews, I think you'll have a great time here.

If you'd like to hear more from me, you can opt in below.  I'll start by giving you a free 19 page report I wrote some years back for students in my Simple Writing System class.

It's called "My Best Advice." (catchy title!) It covers some key mindsets to have in direct response and copywriting.

No fancy graphics - just solid content. If you want a copy,  fill in your name and email address. You'll also get emails from me with audios, long teachings and other gifts that will take up your time. And hopefully change your life.

That's the plan.

To your happiness and success,

Robert Gibson 

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