There Is NEVER A Good Time To Doubt Yourself.

Can you believe I'm sending
an email on a Saturday night?
Worst time EVER to send.

Except when I'm sending to you.
This is just us talking.

I want to talk to you about doubts.
Doubts don't take Saturday nights off.
They're hard workers!

If you're doing business with people
or creating something artistic
or just living your life,
you're going to have doubts.

A lot of people look at fear
and doubts as the same thing.
They're not to me.

Some people look at having doubts 
and being nervous as the same thing.
I don't agree.

The biggest rock stars
and ice cool investors get nervous.
That comes from putting things at risk.
But they probably wouldn't
step on the big stage
if they had serious doubts.

You can offset some
of the nerves by being prepared.

As prepared as I am, 
my crystal ball is broken.
I can't see the future.
I can only decide who I'll be when it arrives.
Not what I'll do - because it hasn't happened yet.

There are people who make a living making predictions.
Doctors can look at a lab report
and tell you what they think will happen next.
But they're just guessing.

Anything under 100% is a guess.
Weather predictions are made daily.
A small storm coming  can combine with a bigger one
and  become the worst storm in history
or change track at the last minute
and your area has been spared.

People can see
storm clouds from space.
They can pinpoint the cloud
right there in high def
and they STILL can't predict
rain with 100% accuracy.

People get married 
and swear lifetime vows.
Divorce lawyers still drive nice cars.

The greater the uncertainty 
the sweeter the appearance
of certainty.

If a tire goes flat
or we get a headache,
we have that covered.
Patch the tire and
take some aspirin.

We're in control.
Until we're not.

There is just no way
to know what tomorrow will bring.

That makes courage
absolutely vital.

The doctor is a hero 
not because she solves a problem.
Sometimes she can't.
She's a hero because she's willing 
to risk not solving the problem.

You can be afraid and
still move forward.
But if you move forward,
don't do it with doubts.

A doctor may be 60% certain
about a treatment
but I want her 100% committed
to it once we decide on it.

Imagine a doctor saying
"we can do this treatment,
but it's not going to work."

How fast would you
get another doctor?

Fear is a feeling.
Doubt is looking at the odds
and deciding they're not good.
That changes the quality of your efforts.

The point of this email
is extremely important.
doubt whatever you want,
but don't doubt yourself.

If you decide to do something,
back yourself up 100%.

Let's say you want to write a book.
Or create a course.
Or open a business.

There is no certainty
it will be a massive success.

What's worth your time even if you lose?
The unemployment rate for actors
is 90 PERCENT.

But there are actors
who believe in themselves
with every fiber of their being.

When they take the stage, 
they put their doubts aside.
Because doubts have no place there.

Most businesses fail.
Lots of successful businesses
had failures to get there.

Your belief in yourself
changes what you do.
It also changes the conviction
behind what you do.

The WORST time 
to doubt yourself
is when you're in motion.

It's fine to be nervous.
Just don't turn on yourself.

You've probably proved
a lot of doubters wrong
in your life.

Don't do their work for them.

Sometimes people have doubts
because they haven't
prepared enough.
Sometimes they have doubts
because they'll never
be prepared enough.

You know the slogan:
"just do it" - it's easy for them to say.
They don't know you or your life.

I'm not saying do something recklessly.
I'm saying something very specific.

IF you decide
something is important to you,
give it everything you have.


Don't base all of what you do
on the odds of succeeding in advance.
Commit knowing you might lose.
Because then you'll try again.
Just like you have your whole life.

Each time you try,
you get smarter.

The illusion of doubt is assuming
that anywhere else has certainty.

Conviction effort and tenacity
changes the odds.

If you've been
racked with doubts
on moving forward
with something
that's very important to you,
I'll be the first to place a bet.

I'm betting on you.

Robert Gibson