Jump In Or Wait Forever...

No articles tonight.
Just some thoughts.

This is a special email.
The one where I start some new things.
Quietly...just in this email.

It goes out at 2am on Friday morning.
Terrible time for sending emails.
Bad for sleep.
Good for moving forward.
There’s only a handful of seasons
you get to be in touch with people.
And then you have to close things down.
I don’t mean the obvious or the greeting card.
I mean you close things down when life gets in the way.
At some point, the waves get too big
and you get tired of waiting for the perfect one.
That’s when it ends. Quietly.  Without telling you.

Your eyes partially close to your living
but not your life.
And they never open fully again.
Some people close down when they’re 28.
Their life kicks in. Say goodbye.
Dreams are for another time.
Way back when.
You can ask them how they’re doing
for the rest of their lives
You’ll hear they’re busy.

\_(ツ)_/¯ - hey, it happens.
The things they used to love are gone.
That’s what it all comes down to – what you love.
The expensive passions.
The ones you're willing
to give up everything for.
You can wait forever
hoping you’ll be understood.

But there’s a group of people
who will understand you right now.

The minute you click send,
they’ll be waiting for you.

When it’s time  (and you'll know when
and you'll know what I mean)…


Robert Gibson

Audio version of this email is here: