OK, I'll Talk.

I've always been the one
to help others with interviews.
I've gotten the people I work with featured
in The NY Times, CNN,
Wall St. Journal, MSNBC, Fox, etc.
Pretty much all the big places.

For marketing, I'll be the first one 
to track Google's next moves
and do everything I can to capitalize on it.

At the same time, I've always stayed
completely under the radar.

When I first taught for John Carlton,
I kept my name out of the sales letter.
I was a "mystery copywriter."

If you know me,
you know I'm a very private person.
I extend that privacy to others.

When people tell me
something confidential,
it stays that way.

Staying under the radar
also gave me a lot of creative freedom.

It let me work with all
kinds of people quietly.

I love marketing with all my heart.
But not as a tactic - as a way of truly reaching
and understanding people.

The rare few that want help dealing with people,
that's my personal sweet spot.

I created Might Like to share
with a bigger group of people.
Now I'm writing more personal posts
that go to the core of what I teach
as a mentor.

It's time for me to be more visible.
Having said that, I'm not one of those people
who think any publicity is good publicity.

Just because a site has a lot of traffic
doesn't mean a lot to me.
I'd rather have a smaller group of great people.

Character is more
important to me than cash.
I know very wealthy people
who have great character
and people with much less who don't.

I pick the people I work with
for more reasons than just money.

I apply that same thinking to interviews.
And up until now,
I've always declined them.

But when Kevin Rogers asked me
to be a guest on his podcast, I said yes.

I've known Kevin for 7 years.
We've taught
Simple Writing System
for John Carlton,
hung out in person
at various John Carlton 
events in California
and had some epic conversations
on the phone.

I trust him with my life.
Take a minute and think of people you're not related to.
How many people can you say "I trust him/her with my life"?
How many people would say that about you?

That's a big part of what I teach.
Not everyone gets it.
Kevin lives by it.

Kevin started a great site  
almost two years ago
called www.CopyChief.com
and he uses it as a forum
to help copywriters and business owners
work together.

He's been pouring himself
into helping people
there 24/7.

What I really like is 
he's helped other people
become stakeholders of the site.

He supports
members and his staff in
having their own voice,
writing guest posts,
creating their own courses.

He's right there in the background
clapping the loudest in applause.

Think of all the people 
who make a profession 
out of taking victory laps
and celebrating themselves.

That never resonated with me.

A great teacher creates
other great teachers.
Simple as that.

John Carlton created
so many great teachers,
it's hard to keep track.
Kevin is continuing that tradition.

Kevin asked me to be
on his stellar podcast: "The Truth About Marketing."
It's not the first interview request I've ever gotten.
But it is the first and only
interview request I said yes to.

I wanted to create a conversation
that was once in a lifetime.
Something people come back to for years.
Otherwise, what am I doing it for?

If you've ever had a conversation with me,
you know I can get amped.

That's what our conversation was like. Amped!
I gave it everything I have.
Once in a lifetime.

I may do more in the future.
But if it began and ended with this one,
I'm happy.

I hope it becomes one of your favorite audios.
It's one of mine but I'm biased! :)

Click on the picture below to listen.
Let me know what you think.